IGI Game Free Download 2018 Version

Game development is the branch in the field of computer science or computer technology, it is the fastest growing field with an excess amount of money spending on it every year, the current era is the era of HD(High Definition) graphics and sound , our society is growing smarter day by day and love to play the intelligent and HD graphics games, so if you are a pro gamer and getting thirsty to play the HD games then you have come at the right place we will categorically fulfill all your longings, now if you have click on our site, and trust on us then we promise you we will not let you back with the hollow hands, we have a special gift for you name as IGI-game, IGI game download is a full fledge series of first person  3d shooter game especially design      for Pc in the history of computer games, with an extremely  high programmed Artificial intelligent Missions, the developers also take care for laptop user to install and play the game so if you are a laptop user then you can also adore the taste of the game. In 2018 the demand of IGI game is growing progressively, if you get stuck somewhere in the mission so don’t get miffed we have cheats for you which will let you take out from the trouble, so if you are online and wanted to download the setup for windows 7 or any other essence of window so drop down to the end of the page we have pasted the link through which you can get the setup of the games for pc and android.

IGI Game

  • IGI game download series has included the four games in it name are follows:-
  • Project IGI I’M going in
  • IGI-2 Covert Strike
  • IGI the plan
  • IGI Game Download
  • IGI the Mark

Portrayal about the Missions in IGI I’m Going IN:-

  • The first game in the IGI game download series have 14 missions which you should have to get succeeded.
  • Trainyard
  • SAM Base
  • Military Airbase
  • GOD
  • Radar Base
  • Get Priboi
  • Border Crossing
  • Re-Supply
  • Missile Trainyard
  • Defend Priboi
  • Eagle’s Nest I
  • Eagle’s Nest II
  • Nuclear Infiltration
  • Finding The Bomb

System Requirement for IGI game download:-

The system requirements which are looked-for to play the IGI game are follows:

  • OS: windows xp, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 8.1 enterprises, 10.
  • RAM: 512B Ram is required to run the game .
  • CPU:  Intel dual core with speed up to 2.0GHz or higher processor.
  • Hard-Disk: 1GB hard-disk is required to install the  IGI game.

After construing the whole article we are glad to fulfill our promise as we have promised with you at the beginning of this article so now if you are agreed to download the setup of the games so you can get the IGI game download in your hands by clicking the link next to the line.